“Sex Work is Work” Narrow Slides


Show your support for sex workers’ rights and stay comfortable while doing it with our “Sex Work is Work” narrow slide shoes. These shoes feature a bold print of the phrase coined by Carol Leigh, a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot, as a tribute to her lifelong dedication to advocating for the rights of sex workers. With these shoes, you can make a statement and make a difference all at the same time.

These slide shoes are designed with comfort in mind, featuring a cushioned faux leather upper strap and a contoured, textured footbed that provides support for your feet. The lightweight polyurethane outsole allows for easy movement, whether you’re working, staying in, or going out. Plus, the shoes are stitched around the upper perimeter for extra durability, ensuring they are long lasting. Our “Sex Work is Work” narrow slide shoes are printed, cut, and handmade to ensure the highest quality possible. Please note that these shoes are spot clean only to maintain their quality and design.

Order your “Sex Work is Work” narrow slide shoes today and take a step towards supporting sex workers’ rights while staying comfortable and stylish. Available in US women’s sizing. Click here for the wide version of the slides, available in US men’s sizing. 

We’re proud to donate $18 from each slides sale to maintain the Carol Leigh memorial website.

Size Chart

<strong class="size-guide-title">Size guide</strong> <div class="table-responsive dynamic" data-unit-system="imperial"> <table cellpadding="5"> <tbody> <tr> <td></td> <td><strong>5.5</strong></td> <td><strong>6.5</strong></td> <td><strong>7</strong></td> <td><strong>8</strong></td> <td><strong>8.5</strong></td> <td><strong>9.5</strong></td> <td><strong>10</strong></td> <td><strong>11</strong></td> <td><strong>11.5</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>US Women</strong></td> <td>5.5</td> <td>6.5</td> <td>7</td> <td>8</td> <td>8.5</td> <td>9.5</td> <td>10</td> <td>11</td> <td>11.5</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>UK</strong></td> <td>3</td> <td>4</td> <td>4.5</td> <td>5.5</td> <td>6</td> <td>7</td> <td>7.5</td> <td>8.5</td> <td>9</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Europe</strong></td> <td>36</td> <td>37</td> <td>38</td> <td>39</td> <td>40</td> <td>41</td> <td>42</td> <td>43</td> <td>44</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Japan</strong></td> <td>22.5</td> <td>23.5</td> <td>24</td> <td>25</td> <td>25.5</td> <td>26.5</td> <td>27</td> <td>28</td> <td>28.5</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Foot length (inches)</strong></td> <td>8 ⅞</td> <td>9 ⅛</td> <td>9 ¼</td> <td>9 ⅝</td> <td>9 ¾</td> <td>10 ⅛</td> <td>10 ¼</td> <td>10 ⅝</td> <td>10 ¾</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Shoes length (inches)</strong></td> <td>9 ½</td> <td>9 ¾</td> <td>10</td> <td>10 ¼</td> <td>10 ½</td> <td>10 ¾</td> <td>11</td> <td>11 ¼</td> <td>11 ½</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div>